Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All kind of Ichigo Hollow Form

Here are some of Hollow Form of Ichigo that already known from the Manga.
there are also some of fan art Ichigo Hollow form.

Transformation to 1st Hollow Form

1st Hollow Form
1st Hollow form Transformation

Vizard Ichigo

Vasto Lorde Ichigo

Fan Art :
Monstrous Hollow Form

Chibi Full Hollow Form


  1. 1st hollow form?????????? the 1st picture is the transformation to 1st hollowform(the 2nd picture)! The 3rd picture is the further transformation to the 1st hollowform. The 4th picture is VIZARD ICHIGO. The 5th picture is the VASTO LORDE (Ichigo Vasto Lorde. My comment

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